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I do not understand
Why some are poor and live on the streets,
Why some look down on others, when we are all the same.
Why we have food while many are dying of starvation.

But most of all I do not understand
Why we kill others for no reason,
Thinking their life was meaningless,
Like ending their existence was as insignificant as squashing a fly,
Allowing them to die in vain,
And causing their family endless hours of agonizing pain,
Without so much as a second thought.

What I understand most is the rain.
It plummets from the sky freely,
Trickling down steep mountain sides,
Washing away the mud and dirt,
Trying to restore goodness to our contaminated world,
Creating glorious rainbows,
And calming all as it tap dances on house roofs,
Allowing everyone and everything,
To make a fresh start.

Copyright © Nicole Eiden 2000