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Thinking of You

When I think of you I smile.
The world becomes a happier place.
Plagued no longer with sadness and sin,
But with hope and loving image of your face.

When I think of you I laugh.
Remembering all the times we shared,
All the joyful memories made together,
Showing me how much you cared.

When I think of you I shiver.
Shudder with anticipation of your kiss,
Your hands caressing me so gently,
How your touch brings me eternal bliss.
When I think of you I blush.
Thoughts of things we’ve said and done
The ways you make me feel so sexy,
How our lusting desire compares to none.

When I think of you I long.
I long to feel your arms around me,
Our bodies tightly pressed together,
And only you I can see.

When I think of you I love.
Your mind, body, and spirit too.
Eyes, lips, hair; I love it all.
But most of all, I love you.

Copyright © by Nicole Eiden 2000