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Well hello! Welcome to my page, however you happened to stumble upon it. Oh, Guess I should introduce myself huh? Well, I'm Nicole! I'm a 24 year old gal from Michigan. I have my own e-commerce business, which is totally EXPLODING!! YAY! (I NEVER HAVE TO HAVE A JOB AGAIN!!) Sorry, I'm just so EXCITED about it, and it's the BEST thing I've ever done! Anyways, I'm a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan!! (in case you couldn't figure that out heh) TIGGER AND EEYORE ARE MY FAVORITES! *Thinks* What else to say? Well, I'm a Pisces, (that's right, I'm a fish b-day is March 4) and I love the water. Also like to dance, sing, and write. I write poetry in my spare if you want to check out My Poems you can. (but keep in mind, I'm no professional) I'm an only child and yes, I'm a lil spoiled. (but I consider myself very lucky) Actually, I have always wanted an older brother or sister....but I'm glad to have the terrific parents I do. My mom is like my best friend...she is the best. I love her so much! She can be a bit "Dopey" at times, but it's cool....guess that's where I get it from. My dad is great too...I love him tons! In fact, he used to be my boss when I worked, which was pretty cool. He's always willing to help me out, whenever I need it. I lucked out when I got them for parents!


I'm a Music LOVER! I am always singing friends will attest to that one. I have been in choir since the 5th grade. Singing seems to set my soul free...As for the type of music I like..well I love it all! My fave bands are Nickelback, Trapt, Lifehouse, BNL (Barenaked Ladies), Lit, Vertical Horizon, Matchbox Twenty, Three Doors Down, Goo Goo Dolls, Everclear, Semisonic, Eve 6, Collective Soul, U2...and the list goes on and on.

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