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The sun caressed the water,
Like a mother sweetly strokes her newborn’s head,
And lovers touch in the darkness of night.
The air was still and quiet,
With only the constant, crashing current breaking the silence.
A gentle breeze swept across the land,
Carrying all troubles and worries away.
Peace surrounded me.

My solitude was disturbed.
A sleek gray beast penetrated the water’s surface,
And leaped into the vast open space serenely surrounding it.
It hung,
For what seemed like eons.
A perfect silhouette against the setting sun.
Quickly as it had appeared,
It vanished,
Leaving only a trail of bubbles on the murmuring sea.
Once again,
Peace surrounded me.

I waited patiently.
My mind wandered out to sea.
Had I imagined this beast?
As I struggled to regain my composure,
The event seemed to repeat itself.
This time,
Two magnificent creatures emerged from beneath the water.
Two dolphins that moved with the grace and ease of a bird,
Soaring free above the clouds,
Without boundaries or limitations.
Peace surrounded me.

Once again,
The beasts vanished,
Descending into the deep, dark abyss of the never-ending ocean.
I laid down on the warm sand,
And dreamt of dolphins swimming in a sea of serenity.
And for now,
Peace consumed me.

Copyright © Nicole Eiden 2000