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~Animations Continued~

Moooooove Over! The Cows have come home.

I dunno what this thing is, but it's so CUTE!

My mom is obsessed with this is for you mom!

I dunno why, but I love the moon, stars, sky....stuff like that. Guess I'm just in awe of all that is out there.....

"All the world is a stage and we are but mere players in it" (shakespeare) I love the theatre and acting. There is no feeling like being on stage in front of an's exilarating.

I love doggies, and these are sooo super cute!

Odie rocks! Nuff said.

Garfield is pretty cool too. One funny cat.

How can you not love a bird that says "Bad Puddy Tat?"

I Just LOVE Babies, and these were SO CUTE!

Wouldn't you just love one of these?

Lalalalalala lalalalala lalalalalala lalalalaaaaa (gotta love the theme song).....Smurfs are the COOLEST!

Snoops is just the bomb dawg! (my attempt to be ghetto) lol

Woodstock is just too cute....what else can I say?

Calvin and Hobbes are pretty cool, not to mention funny.

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